"At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security"

QR-REG is an organisation based in the United Kingdom with several offices around the world.

We have listened to our customers and designed a system that has great value in respect to the emergency services. Suppose you carry one of our keyrings and should meet with an accident, the police officer or Ambulance people can scan your QR CODE and read all relevant information in order to give you the best help possible.

We at QR-REG have built in safety levels, this means that not everyone can read your information. They can read the basic information but if is necessary to help you then the person who is authorized by you can read additional important information.

For people suffering from Alzheimer’s /Dementia our QR Keyring or QR Card is a great help.

In case such a person gets lost or does not know where he or she lives they can ask someone to help them by showing them the QR Keyring or QR Card. The person asked can then scan the code and call the person who is listed as the contact person in the database.

This service is based on annual subscription, 1 month before your subscription expires you will get an alert that your subscription is up for renewal.

Good news is that the renewal costs substantially less.

QR-Reg Ltd, Head Office,
56 Court Road, Walmer,
Deal, Kent CT15 7RF,
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1304 351072
Quick Response Reg Pvt.Ltd,
Unit No. 6-2,
Bhagyashree Building,
Above Cream Stone,Baner,
Phone: +91 758 889 0122
North America:QR-REG International Inc.
Branch Office,
PO Box 61 Cote St Luc Station
Cote St. Luc Quebec H4V 1H8,
Phone: +1 888 4768633